who we are

dion & davita

With brother & sister Dion & Davita Galloway at the helm as co-founders and executive directors. DUPP&SWAT is focused on providing a safe and expressive platform, access to resources, rigorous programming and events. and social growth opportunities for Black innovators and makers. Dion. a product of North Carolina Agricultural & Technical University and Davita, a graduate of the University of North Carolina in Charlotte. have sustained an on-going dialogue with the Charlotte creative community for over ten years. During this time. they’ve developed a complex a body of art including SPREAD, a quirkfocused, lifestyle publication that embodies their young, vibrant spirit and CROWNKEEPERS, a nonprofit that missions to sustain the Black arts and creative culture in Charlotte, while also providing opportunities and platforms for the Queen City’s creatives of color.

Determined as ever to push the multidisciplinary narrative of the Black community, Dion & Davita have successfully married art and entrepreneurship through real life application of talent, interest and skill for the culture. Purposeful in sharing the value of Charlotte artists and creatives, DUPP&SWAT strives to make each connection and experience inventive, inspiring, and memorably dope.

the space

come on through

One of the most influential and innovative entities in Charlotte. North Carolina. DUPP&SWAT is the nexus for urban and urban-inspired entrepreneurs, makers, and creatives. Alongside a visual vocabulary that extends from adventure to nostalgia, DUPP&SWAT transforms the rawness of artistry into vessels of opportunities for the entire community.

Dubbed 1 of 100 Things to Do in Charlotte® DUPP&SWAT is home of the iNCubator*, a contemporary art gallery, event space, and artisan boutique. The fourth installment of the brand’s interactive art spaces, DUPP&SWAT has quickly become a must-see destination for people visiting the city as Charlotte Agenda named them one of the Top 10 Players in Charlotte, solidifying them as a key component in Charlotte’s cultural scene.